The following is a list of organizations which support the domestic aquaculture industry.  It is not meant to exhaustive but will provide the viewer a resource for information gathering:


US Department of Agriculture - Agriculture Research Service - Aquaculture Program (USDA-ARS)  The department's mission is to conduct high quality, relevant, fundamental, and applied aquaculture research, to improve the systems for raising domesticated aquaculture species, and to transfer technology to enhance the productivity and efficiency of U.S. producers and the quality of seafood and other aquatic animal products.

US Department of Agriculture - Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (USDA-APHIS)  The department works in a variety of ways to protect and improve the health, quality and marketability of domestic animals, animal products and veterinary biologics.  This subject area describes many of the diseases facing animals today as well the steps that are being taken to prevent, control and eliminate those conditions.

USDA National Institute of Food & Agriculture (NIFA)  In cooperation with land-grant university partners and diverse stakeholders, NIFA provides leadership and funding for aquaculture research, technology development, and extension programs.

US Department of Agriculture - Regional Aquaculture Centers (RAC)  The mission of the RAC's is to support aquaculture research, development, demonstration, and extension education to enhance viable and profitable U.S. aquaculture production to benefit consumers, producers, service industries, and the American economy.

Center for Tropical and Subtropical Aquaculture

North Central Regional Aquaculture Center

Northeaster Regional Aquaculture Center

Southern Regional Aquaculture Center

Western Regional Aquaculture Center

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Office of Aquaculture (NOAA)  The mission of the Office of Aquaculture is to foster marine aquaculture that creates employment and business opportunities in coastal communities; provides safe, sustainable seafood; and supports healthy ocean populations and ecosystems.


National Aquaculture Association (NAA)  The mission of NAA is to provide a unified national voice for aquaculture that ensures its sustainability, protects its profitability and encourages its development in an environmentally responsible manner.

National Institute of Animal Agriculture (NIAA)  The mission of NIAA  is to provide a source for individuals and organizations to obtain information, education and solutions for the challenges facing the animal agriculture industry.


US Trout Farmers Association (USTFA)  The oldest commercial aquaculture trade association in the US.


USDA National Agriculture Statistics Service Census of Aquaculture (NASS)  The Census of Aquaculture expands on the data collected about aquaculture collected from the Census of Agriculture and provides a comprehensive picture of the aquaculture sector at the state and national levels.

USDA Economic Research Service Aquaculture Statistics (ERS)  ERS provides background, data, and analysis on the domestic aquaculture industry and U.S. trade in aquacultural products.

National Association of State Aquaculture Coordinators